After spending some days with Teddy around the places where I spent with my family - check Summerish Photo Cronology II! - here's another sequece of photos with some street art included in Caldas da Rainha!
A coffee and a chocolate salami after the 1st lunch in Caldas.
How awesome is that old lady?
On the road.
Revisiting the Monastery - this time, we took the tour!
The Circle of Life in D. Pedro's tomb, focusing on his love for D. Inês de Castro.
The coronation and blessing of the Ist King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques.
The Cloister of Silence.
The kitchen - a fireplace with a height of 18m!
One of the typical patterns and fabric of Alcobaça - chintz.
Dessert at the famous Alcôa - coffee, pastel de nata and cheesecake.
Love details I...
Love details II...
A main avenue in Caldas da Rainha...
The question is - who are the aliens? Us or they?
Tile details themed by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.
Details II...
A beautiful house/boutique.
A Master Roshi tile!
Details III...

Last day at the beach!
Final dinner - a chicken pizza/toast!
A darker half for him and a toppingless half for me.
Already back, but going to the Avante! Festival!