Due to urgent family matters in Coimbra, a district in the Center/North of Portugal where most of my family lives (and also my 2nd favourite and most beautiful city after Lisbon), a weekend was spent there with my cousins, to deal with these matters and also to dally around the area.
Here's a more detailed sequence of pictures to illustrate some days during the week where my cousins were here on vacations before going to Coimbra during three days.
A small pond at a local park with a great terrace bar.
Finding this upon arriving to the Carcavelos beach...
Finishing the afternoon at the Conceição beach (I think) in Cascais...
At a restaurant in Coimbra sharing lunch with my cousin - Naco na Pedra.
Brunn's Coffee Diner - an awesome 50's american style restaurant.
Dinner - Chicken Caesar Salad.
And the dessert, a great Cheesecake with oatmeal crumbs.
Streets during the night at the City of Knowledge.
The storefront of a local portuguese vintage/arts and crafts boutique.
Going to a picnic at a great natural forest/park in Choupal.
Our great picnic area.
And a typical lunch with our one and only BBQ Chicken (Frango de Churrasco)
A countryside street during a festive season.
The Cabedelo beach in Figueira da Foz, where the sea is never easy for us.
Passing by the Montemor-o-Velho Castle.
Details II...
Details III...
The only photo I have from Sunday - going back home on the bus.