Due to urgent family matters in Coimbra, a district in the Center/North of Portugal where most of my family lives (and also my 2nd favourite and most beautiful city after Lisbon), a weekend was spent there with my cousins, to deal with these matters and also to dally around the area.
Here's a more detailed sequence of pictures to illustrate some days during the week where my cousins were here on vacations before going to Coimbra during three days.
A small pond at a local park with a great terrace bar.
Finding this upon arriving to the Carcavelos beach...
Finishing the afternoon at the Conceição beach (I think) in Cascais...
At a restaurant in Coimbra sharing lunch with my cousin - Naco na Pedra.
Brunn's Coffee Diner - an awesome 50's american style restaurant.
Dinner - Chicken Caesar Salad.
And the dessert, a great Cheesecake with oatmeal crumbs.
Streets during the night at the City of Knowledge.
The storefront of a local portuguese vintage/arts and crafts boutique.
Going to a picnic at a great natural forest/park in Choupal.
Our great picnic area.
And a typical lunch with our one and only BBQ Chicken (Frango de Churrasco)
A countryside street during a festive season.
The Cabedelo beach in Figueira da Foz, where the sea is never easy for us.
Passing by the Montemor-o-Velho Castle.
Details II...
Details III...
The only photo I have from Sunday - going back home on the bus.

 Just got back from my 5 days family vacations!
After participating with Missoula Children's Theatre as a piano accompanist for the Hansel and Gretel play at the NATO base, which was awesome, here's another extensive sequence of photos to sum up these last weeks...

At the local indian restaurant with Teddy <3
Rehearsal's day!
Visiting the King D. Carlos' Park and Gardens at Caldas da Rainha
And the abandoned mansion/pavillion of the Queen D. Leonor at the Park...

A tiny pagoda at the Buddha Eden garden!
A welcoming Buddha.
Looking Back - Zadok Ben-David (2005)
Our beautiful tiles on Óbidos city gate.
A great bookstore and bio-market around Óbidos.
Street details...
Good morning!
The beach in Salir do Porto.
And up we go!...
...It's worth it :)
That's how we roll at São Martinho do Porto.
Crafts, antiques and art objects upon arriving to Alcobaça.
The Monastery of Alcobaça, at last!
Details II...

D. Pedro's tomb...
And his forbidden love, D. Inês de Castro, Queen of Portugal after being executed.

Fatty time at the Pastelaria Alcôa, winner of the best Pastel de Nata of this year.
Details III...
Ruins of a lost castle in Alcobaça...
The Monastery seen from the belvedere.
Chilling at Nazaré again!
The local legend, where D. Fuas Roupinho was saved by his horse/the Lady of Nazareth.
The Lady of Nazareth's Church.
Going to the McNamara's waves viewpoint!
The Fort of St. Michael, the Archangel.
Untitled - Adália Alberto
The cliff where the Legend took place.
No waves that day...
The famous little lighthouse of the Fort.
The last day at the beach with my typical Alcobaça bag.
A final goodbye to the family vacations on the Salir do Porto's belvedere.