These last few days are being spent at home, hiding from the rain and the evil sky, studying History, playing the piano and eating soup. It's also noteworthy that Yomaira is in Le Mans at a friend's until Sunday, so, there's really not that much to do.
However, I remembered a very famous aria that is a subject of interpretation by several artists that I would like to share here and also to know which one is your favourite version.

What power art thou, Who from below, commonly known as the "Cold Song", is an aria sung in Act III by the Cold Genius , a character from the opera King Arthur (or The British Worthy,  Z. 628), composed by Henry Purcell ♥.
This music is very known by the very specific way of singing, to resemble the chills caused by the cold, and the shivering strings that accompany the bass singer.
The sexyness is strong in this one...
Here's just 3 examples (there are more, though I consider these are the most relevant) of different interpretations/arrangements.
I seriously don't know which one I prefer...

It's normally sung by a bass, but Andreas Scholl's interpretation is sublime.
If you would like to listen to a bass singer, check here.

The favourite version by a lot of people. 
A modernized version from 1981 by this great german singer.

A very interesting cover by Sting.

And that's it, folks!
NO, wait! Here's just one more...
A classical version sung by Christopher Purves (look, a bass!) 
featured in this great scene.