After this looong period without posting anything, I finally got some time to be able to write the last 2 days in Rennes and these 3 days that I've been in Portugal.

After the dernière soirée in Hamidou's, I went to pick up my mom at the airport around 14h30. 

To keep it short, we spent the rest of the day and Friday getting everything packed and ready, especially my keyboard, which was dispatched Friday around 17h and we got a visit by Hamidou and Luke for them to take what I was going to leave here, like kitchen utensils and such, to their place.

Saturday, we went for a walk around St. Anne with Yomaira, went for the last time to the Creperie, and then payed a visit to the Parc du Thabor with Luke.
A little fountain...
And a surprisingly nice waterfall.
After the goodbyes, we got a taxi to the Gare and waited almost for an hour for the departure. The bus awaits!
All the stuff.
It's much better going during the evening, even the time looks like it goes faster. 
We stopped 3 or 4 times in Spain, then in Portugal, in those remote villages with funny names. Around 13h to lunch, then in Leiria, then in Fátima, where a lot of people either stayed there or had a correspondence to another bus.
Somewhere in Coimbra, around Rio Ceira... :)
Finally in Lisbon! 
I saw my father and brother, and my big cousin Jú, and went home; only to find my room invaded with my dear grandma.

These last few days were spent around the university, going to some classes and spending time with Teddy, my friends and family.
It's very hot and sunny, and always beautiful.

I will dearly miss Rennes and all it's awesomeness, including my dear french friends and my soon-to-visit-Portugal puerto-rican.
It was indeed a great experience, that fulfilled me with knowledge, great memories and culture.
It's something that I think every student, in whatever stage of his/her life, should go through.
There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other - Desiderius Erasmus