After this looong period without posting anything, I finally got some time to be able to write the last 2 days in Rennes and these 3 days that I've been in Portugal.

After the dernière soirée in Hamidou's, I went to pick up my mom at the airport around 14h30. 

To keep it short, we spent the rest of the day and Friday getting everything packed and ready, especially my keyboard, which was dispatched Friday around 17h and we got a visit by Hamidou and Luke for them to take what I was going to leave here, like kitchen utensils and such, to their place.

Saturday, we went for a walk around St. Anne with Yomaira, went for the last time to the Creperie, and then payed a visit to the Parc du Thabor with Luke.
A little fountain...
And a surprisingly nice waterfall.
After the goodbyes, we got a taxi to the Gare and waited almost for an hour for the departure. The bus awaits!
All the stuff.
It's much better going during the evening, even the time looks like it goes faster. 
We stopped 3 or 4 times in Spain, then in Portugal, in those remote villages with funny names. Around 13h to lunch, then in Leiria, then in Fátima, where a lot of people either stayed there or had a correspondence to another bus.
Somewhere in Coimbra, around Rio Ceira... :)
Finally in Lisbon! 
I saw my father and brother, and my big cousin Jú, and went home; only to find my room invaded with my dear grandma.

These last few days were spent around the university, going to some classes and spending time with Teddy, my friends and family.
It's very hot and sunny, and always beautiful.

I will dearly miss Rennes and all it's awesomeness, including my dear french friends and my soon-to-visit-Portugal puerto-rican.
It was indeed a great experience, that fulfilled me with knowledge, great memories and culture.
It's something that I think every student, in whatever stage of his/her life, should go through.
There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other - Desiderius Erasmus
This was divine intervention! - Jules Winnfield
After months talking about it and trying to start a planning, this Sunday - a beautiful day indeed - May the Fourth be with you and Happy Mother's Day (in Portugal) - we finally went to Brocéliande! 
A gigantic forest (even though 95% of it is privée, the bastards!) with several legendary locations, like the Knights of the Round Table, the King Arthur's Legend, Merlin's adventures, etc.
To actually do a tour of all these sites, it would take an entire day and a previous settled route - perhaps in the future...

Upon arriving to one of the main civilized touristic points, I was of the opinion of just following a track and see where it would lead us; but the rest of the people wanted a map and do a careful planning, which was what we did, being a more logical decision.
L'Office de Tourisme.
Having some fun with the
series of pictures that Yomaira takes...
We had to take the car again to go to another touristic point to start one of the main tracks around the forest to visit the Golden Tree and a Mehnir Field that were marked in the map.
Like many others, a very beautiful forest with a never-ending small river that, sometimes, caused a bit of a challenge to cross.
When we got to the Arbre d'Or, let's just say that we weren't that suprised... It's very pretty, however, we can clearly see that it's painted. There was a bigger preference over the waterfall and all the surroundings than the actual attraction there.
Starting the path!...
Arriving to the Arbre d'Or.
And here it is.
After that, we kept on going, exploring the forest, and we even climbed a rocky hill to make a little pause and "take it all in", as Yomaira was saying upon observing the terrific and endless view.

How I wish I had something just to float on it...
After the climb...
Going back, and, by chance, we took a way that led us to the exact starting point near the tree.
After leaving the forest, we stopped by a little cafe, had a drink and went back to civilization - oh, the drama!
A tiny library with a very particular host - welsh, gaulois and french...
Behold the anger caused by the unfullfilness of our wishes in due time...
A bottle of cider consumed by the monkey couple, Yomaira and Luke.
Are we going back? Or just starting anew...?
These last few days are being spent at home, hiding from the rain and the evil sky, studying History, playing the piano and eating soup. It's also noteworthy that Yomaira is in Le Mans at a friend's until Sunday, so, there's really not that much to do.
However, I remembered a very famous aria that is a subject of interpretation by several artists that I would like to share here and also to know which one is your favourite version.

What power art thou, Who from below, commonly known as the "Cold Song", is an aria sung in Act III by the Cold Genius , a character from the opera King Arthur (or The British Worthy,  Z. 628), composed by Henry Purcell ♥.
This music is very known by the very specific way of singing, to resemble the chills caused by the cold, and the shivering strings that accompany the bass singer.
The sexyness is strong in this one...
Here's just 3 examples (there are more, though I consider these are the most relevant) of different interpretations/arrangements.
I seriously don't know which one I prefer...

It's normally sung by a bass, but Andreas Scholl's interpretation is sublime.
If you would like to listen to a bass singer, check here.

The favourite version by a lot of people. 
A modernized version from 1981 by this great german singer.

A very interesting cover by Sting.

And that's it, folks!
NO, wait! Here's just one more...
A classical version sung by Christopher Purves (look, a bass!) 
featured in this great scene.