Today is the 40th anniversary of 1974 April's 25th, also known as the  Freedom Day (a national holiday, obviously), where the Carnation Revolution took place and ended the dictatorship/regime of the Estado Novo ("New State"), where Portugal and its people lived in poverty, ignorance and obscurity. Democracy was instaured.

Why carnations? When the military officers that opposed the regime (Movimento das Forças Armadas, "Armed Forces Mouvement" - MFA) went to the streets to follow the revolution, they used no violence again the regime's police (PIDE), and the people, holding red carnations (cravos), joined the revolution and put these flowers into the muzzles of rifles and in the army's uniform. 

It's not my objective to lecture History here - it's just a small mention to one of the most important and beautiful days in the Portuguese History.
Since this year is the 40th anniversary, as previously mentioned, there are some celebrations around the country and homages - murals, parties, street art, etc...
A beautiful mural that my University has made for this occasion :)

I'm not there physically - and I even have an exam today - but History should never be forgotten, no matter where you are. 

A Requiem by one of our greatest composers 
in honor to those affected by this terrible time.

Happy Freedom Day! Long live the Revolution!