I didn't post anything during these days because my parents and brother came to Rennes to visit me!
They had a flight booked on Friday with the arrival at 12h10; I decided to surprise them by being there at Paris waiting for them, so, after days of searching for cheap tickets in all transportations possible, Spring came and with it, promotions: TGV tickets for 25€!

Not did I only surprise them, but I was able to go for the 1st time on a TGV, and on the 2nd floor! - it is very cool indeed. Super silent, fast, comfortable. I was reading and I didn't even notice the train departing. *NINJA STYLE!*

The view from my window at 7h52...
After meeting them, we went on a rental car (a Hyundai i20, I don't mind AT ALL a car like that, just saying...) to Rennes. 
We parked in St. Anne after finally arriving for me to show them around in the historical centre, République and to visit some stores (like Ciné Affiches and the Celtic Store). 
It already passed tea-time, but we visited the Brioche Dorée at République and saciated our hunger. 
Then, they came to visit my room, followed by them going to the Kyriad hotel where they stayed this couple of days, which is very close to my residence, to rest and get ready for the next day.

Saturday, our morning destination was the Mont St. Michel (revisited).
After nerves and screaming with the GPS lady, we arrived, took the navette and explored the village. 

We LOVE cows.
The inner gate.
Not that great of a view... :c
Some details...
Going up to the Abbey.
My dad, brother and me in the main street.

It was almost 15h, we got the car, 12€ of parking! These frenchies are just abusive.
Alas, we decided to visit St. Malo after this medieval matinée, since it wasn't that far away.
Yomaira and Helena already went there, but I never. When Teddy was here, and even before, we checked the trains tickets to go to the Mont St. Michel or St. Malo, but it was always expensive, either to go or to come back. 

The attraction of St. Malo is the village within the walls, intra-muros.
It was pretty bloody cool, with the marina, the beach, the tiny fort outside the wall, and the city itself with its large and grey streets. 
An odd thing is that many people lived in the big and austere houses by the wall where all the tourists and citizens go for walks or to visit the city, and 3 out of 5 windows had no curtains! We could see everything! I guess that privacy is not much of a concern around there...
Before going back to Rennes, we got some pâtisseries bretonnes from a very nice boulangerie in the main avenue.

The wall (not that Wall...)
Dad, brother and the façade of the houses.
The pontoon.
Curtains, anyone?
That pool! *.*
L'Île du Grand Bé.
The Fort du Petit Bé.

After resting a little bit at the hotel, they experienced the wild ride in the metro, visited my University, had dinner at McDonald's and came back home. 

Me and the creature.

Sunday, let's go to Fougères!
When I went there (check My Erasmus Experience (Ch. IX)), I just visited the Château and the Église Saint-Sulpice; this time, we did the touristic route that the city offers.
We parked right next to the Église Saint-Léonard, payed a visit to it, and continued the tour by going to the public gardens and descending to the Quartier Médieval. We passed by the Château and the Church, then went to lunch to a Crêperie for them to try the typical Galette, and cheerio to Fougères. 

Gargoyles! ♥
The Saint-Leonard's Church.
That organ...
The beggining of the Public Gardens... Is that Da Vinci's?
The flowery arms of Fougères.
So picturesque!
Going down the path...
Arriving to the Quartier Médieval.
Château revisited.
A market of plants and flowers in one of the squares.

We were very jammy that day; the GPS marked as a "point of reference" a village/château close to Rennes and Fougères, Combourg
I never went there, neither did my family, so, that was our next stop before going to back to Rennais grounds.
The Château de Combourg was, originally, a military fort from the XI century, with some additions in the XIV century, that is still inhabited today! *Jealousy attack*
The Château itself is only visited with a tour guide, which we gladly took, being the Chateaubriand name the most mentioned there; he spent a part of his infancy in a dreadful room, some adolescence years, etc. In his book Mémoirs d'outre-tombe, he tells everything about his life until his last breath, which gave a lot of information about this touristic site. Next purchase listed!

Arriving to the Park. 
The Château!
La Croix de Lucile.
Porte Henri II.
The staircase and front door.
The view to the lake from a side passage in the Château.

Back in Rennes, we spent several hours in my room organizing stuff that they could take back to Portugal that I didn't need already: clothes, books, shoes, etc.

Monday, after my choir lesson, we met around my residence to go have lunch. After filling up the tank of the car, we went to the brasserie here in Kennedy, then to my room to get everything ready, human needs, etc.
Farewells were in order, and off they went to Paris. 
One more month and it's my turn to go back!

Cheers then!

P.S.: Yomaira, unfortunately, could not ever accompany us due to her finals. :(