During the month of March and this first week and a half of April, nothing much happened.
Putting aside the weekend when my family came (check Weekend "Rennais" with the Family post!), it was just classes, some walks, already a test and a project... 

However, this Thursday, the April 10th, was the final Concert of the Semester.
The 1st part was an ensemble of several ateliers, including Ancient Music, Traditional Music, Improvisation, Guitar, etc, and mine, the Mixed Choir - all part of the curricular program that my departement offers. 
The 2nd part was only the Universitarian Choirs, where I participate in the Feminin Choir. 

Sadly, it also was the last concert that our teacher and maestro would give in that University. It was a very beautiful experience when saying "good-bye" to this terrific conductor.
There he is :)
Here's the video list of the musics sung by the Choirs where I participated (I'm there, Mom!)
A warm Thank you to Yomaira, that filmed this for me :)

0.30s: Ave Maria - G. Rossini
5.35s: Hör Mein Bitten - F. Mendelssohn

Come With Me - Jane Sebba
2.45s: Swish Wish - Jane Sebba

De Profundis Clamavi - Piotr Janczak

Tota Pulchra Es - Maurice Duruflé 

Vo Pole Berëza Stojala - J. Tugarinov
(Volkslied aus Russland)
[All hail Anna Karenina!]

Mañanita Pueblerina - Inocento Carreño

Swanee River - Traditional

Fever - John Davenport and Eddie Cooley