Chapter XVI - Teddy's visit

It was on the 22nd of February that Teddy came to Rennes (by airplane and TGV), arriving at 17h38.

There I was, waiting, until I saw someone huge - with a great hair, by the bye - coming up the stairs looking for me, obviously :P
And off we went in the super metro of Rennes to my tiny room that, if not with constant organization and cleaning, two people wouldn't be able to live there sanely. 

Sunday was a day where we had a pizza and potatos and cheesy bread for lunch (FAT MODE: ON!), and after we met up with Yomaira, Luke and Hamidou, not also for him to know them, but for us all to visit the Fine-Arts Museum of Rennes. 
Great selection, very well exposed and explained, and I would also like to refer a beautiful and curious painting exposed there that represented the Saint François Borgia consacrating himself to God after seeing the remains of our Elizabeth of Aragon. 
L'Illumination de François Borgia (1664-1774) - Pietro della Vecchia
We finished the day just walking by the river and around the town, coming back home and watching TV series.

Monday, Teddy remained sleeping and we met at 12h15 - when I finished my classes - to go have lunch at the Resto U and going for a walk around Charles de Gaulle. 
Seeing the cultural centers, the square, the mall, going for a snack at McDonald's... 
Place Colombier
The entrance of Les Champs Libres, a cultural and science centre
At night, we met with Hamidou at the irish pub O'Connells, so that Teddy could see what can you do at night when you're an exchange student (or not). 

Tuesday, (luckily, I had no class this day) we just spent it at home like 2 typical portuguese people that: "Oh no, it's raining... The horror and the energy slipping away..."
But!, at night, we went to Cubanacan, also with Hamidou, for the same reasons, and I was amazed by the profound knowledge that Teddy had of a lot of musics that were passing there - it was a Brasil vs. Mexico night... 

Wednesday, I had classes all day, so we just had lunch, he assisted to my afternoon class, Informatique Musicale, and then we went to the big mall, Centre Alma, to go check on stores and hate people that buy everything, etc., etc. 
Walking to the mall...
Us, super fabulous!

Thursday, after 3h of History, we went to République to have lunch in a boulangerie that has amazing sandwiches apéro. 
We were walking to the main square to sit down and eat, when suddenly, a huge storm came with rain, and wind, and hail, and we ran to get shelter, and it didn't stop!
We just ate there, and when we finished - there's the sun again! The nerve of St. Peter's... 
We went for a walk around the city, mainly St. Anne and République to enjoy the sun and then we went back home.
After the deluge...
Us and our beheaded friend (very peaceful fountain, btw) 

Friday, (also no class that day), it was a rainy and awful day, but we got up!, because I wanted Teddy to try the galette at a restaurant in St. Anne.
I was a wee bit sickly, so we went to have lunch, then it was so grey and cold, that we went back home. 
It was at night that we went to Hamidou's place to have a little soirée to say "good-bye" to Teddy, because he was going back to Portugal in the next day. 
Teddy's galette.
Me in eskimo mode.
Let's say the bottle of wine got crazy and fell to the floor... Right after we got a corkscrew...
Hamidou, Teddy, Yomaira, Luke and Orçun, a Turkish fellow
that spent a year in exchange in Portugal and that we met here in Rennes! :)

Saturday, after finishing the rest of the packing left, we went to have lunch at Pizzeria del Arte, an italian restaurant in Charles de Gaulle.
Then, there we were at the Gare, I left him sadly aboard the TGV and off he went to Paris after a great frenchy week!

And today is the 1st April, which means Happy Birthday, pupu! :)