Chapter XIV - Highligts of January

January was, in general, a calm month. 
After New Year's, there's the tradition of buying and eating Galette des Rois and see who gets the fève!
We had a soirée with this purpose in Yomaira's room, and Hamidou got the fève, being the Lightning McQueen from Cars
And this semester I decided to also participate in the feminin choir, and in the first practice session, we had a little snack with this gâteau, where I got the crown, and the fève (miracle!), a Prince. :D 

I think the highlight of this month was, in a negative way, the process of knowing my evaluation results. 
Even though all my tests were in December, I had my last exam in the 1st week of January.
It was almost the end of the month and... any notes whatsoever!
After going to the specific offices several days pratically in a row, it was in a certain day of February that I would know (I think it was the 10th or 11th).
So, basically, even if you don't get approval in all the disciplines, you continue everything normally and you only have the opportunity to improve in June; for the 2 semesters(!).
This system continues still to impress me. And not in a good way.
And even though you have 2 different subjects in the same area (example: History, but of a different period), you don't get the grade of each one - they do the average of the 2. 
Of course, this couldn't apply to me! After moments of panic and the fact that nobody in my department could explain it, it was in the International Relations that it was clarified: since I'm an Erasmus student, the evaluation is done properly - in each discipline, a single evaluation. *cyclone of relief*

And that's that; after those dreadful moments of burocracies and paperwork and systems that don't apply to normal people, it was indeed a tranquil month.

Chapter XV - Ice skating and Fest-Noz

February, on the other hand, was a month more diversed.
We went ice skating for the 2nd time (there was a free night during the 1st semester also), which means another life-or-death experience to me - besides being terrible at this, I really don't trust those killer razor-blades that oh-so swiftly slide through the Ring of Frozen Hell. 
Still, it's always funny and refreshing, and it's also a good moment to hate on people that skate super-well, like Yomaira and Luke, the sliding-monkeys. *muahahah, so sad for us, poor common people*. 
The usual folks, along with a Turkish girl, Melisa, that we met in January! (Those shoes...)

We also attended the Fest-Noz (a breton word for night festival) that is basically a festival that holds typical dances from Britanny with live music, cider, etc. 
There was a lot of people, and the major part of the dances were in a circle, where we either hold hands or our pinkies (let's say it was hard to play the piano the next day...) or in couples or smaller groups. I'm not particularly fond of dancing, but oh well, we must try whatever we can!
The only good picture that I have - you get the idea.

The next chapter is going to be about Teddy's visit and him staying here in Rennes with me! :)

To be continued...