Ch. XII - Fare thee well 

As I mentioned in the previous Chapter, this one is about Helena's departure (OH NO!) - yes, it is! *sadness in the air*
She was going to leave in December 19th, a Tuesday.
We did a little soirée for her to say "goodbye" to Hamidou, Luke and Benjamin during that week, and 2 days before the D Day we went to her room to get stuff that she didn't need to take, like pots, utensils, you name it. 
And the morning of that day came, and we woke up around 7h-8h to be at Helena's place at 8h30 to help her carry the travel bags.
We went to have breakfast at Brioche Dorée, and then we hopped on the bus to the airport. 
After waiting for the check-in. bags processing, etc, we just sayed there and talked untill Helena had to go through the security process.
We can say that, after "best wishes", hugs and kisses, and we saw her walking away, me and Yomaira had a very weird mix of feelings, sadness with emptiness and *I'm not quite sure what just happened*. We stood there for a while, just trying to absorb that moment. 
And that's that, it was just the two of us now. We left the airport and went to get some sandwiches while talking and remembering some highlights of Helena's presence in this experience. At least, she's happier where she is now. :)

Ch. XIII - Christmas

And my time to go back to Portugal was during the Christmas holidays! I went on the 21st December, a Saturday. 
Obviously, it was great to be with the family and friends, o enjoy a little bit of Lisbon, and of the North (Coimbra), where I spent Christmas's Eve.
This was my 2nd time coming back, and it was always sunny when I arrived. 2 or 3 after me staying there, the awful grey sky from Rennes starts to appear there also! I believe that I'm cursed... But still, it was winter, there's an excuse.
The New Year's was also great. I went to have dinner with Teddy in a great indian restaurant in Chiado and then saw the  Herman's show having place at Terreiro do Paço and the fireworks at midnight. It was a very agreable evening!
Here are some pictures to show these 2 weeks before coming to Rennes.
The view from my super jet.
A part of my street seen from my balcony.
Cristo Rei, Ponte 25 de Abril and Cais das Colunas :)
Christmas decorations!

And back to Rennes in January the 5th!

To be continued...