Chapter X - My Anniversary

I really don't pay much attention to my birthday, but I do enjoy planning or helping to plan an event to celebrate my friend's anniversary.
Alas, in the morning of this day, I had the alarm set at 8h30. It was 8h something, and I heard someone knocking on the door: I immediatly thought it was the Devil Lady of the Cleaning Hell (we don't have the best relationship ever) or the Nice but Quiet Plummer (I was having some issues with my sink in those days). 
But no! It was Yomaira and Helena with a cake of crêpes full with candles and a beautiful bouquet of flowers singing Happy Birthday the moment I opened the door. It was the 1st time someone ever suprised me in this occasion! :)
The light... IT BURNS US! Me in my most splendorous figure.
Well, imagine the crepes cake...
Later that week, us three with Luke and Benjamin went to an Asian Restaurant/Buffet as a nice anniversary dinner. Dear, I really missed sushi!

Chapter XI - December: Tests are coming...

We're now in December and the word "examen" or "contrôle" starts to come up in classes.
Almost all of my evaluation moments were good, although a small but crucial aspect made me take away 250 points from Franclepuff: anonymity! *dramatic tension*
I knew some people from other departments, and all the tests were identified and the teachers, normally, would consider their cases differently, as they should! Not our native language, other program, other system, other evaluation criteria... 
It's in my department that this happens, considering that I'm not aware of similar cases in the University, though one lady of the International Relations said that it was anonymous in many departments (yeah, right). One girl of my class even said that this system is ridiculous, and quoted the teachers by saying: "We prefer to keep the tests anonymous to avoid certain feelings and preferences relating to some students". 
Very agreeable indeed.

Being in December also means that Helena is going back to Estonia (*sadness*)- a subject that's going to be approached in the next chapter.

To be continued...