Chapter VII - October and Raclettes

The month of October passed on nicely, enjoying the classes and visiting the town.
In one very pleasant night, we all had at Luke's house a Raclette dinner!
It started out with Hamidou's longing desire to have Bacalhau à Brás, a typical portuguese codfish dish, and there we went to a huge Carrefour, where he has a part-time job.
Unfortunately, the codfish is way too expensive here (comparing to Portugal, of course), and it wasn't worth it.
After wandering to and fro around there, Luke came up with the brilliant idea of having Raclette at his place; we all went to buy ham, the specific cheese and PO-TA-TOES (100€ to whoever guesses the reference!), got settled at his place and had a nice cheesy dinner while listening to music chosen by each one of us by artists of our own countries (France, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Portugal... and some classics too).
Not the most glamorous picture, but you get the idea. :)

Chapter VIII - Autumn's Vacations

The last week of October in France is an All Saints vacations week - and I had the chance to visit Portugal!
It's weird that after almost 2 months you start to feel that something's missing... Guess what? Oh yes, the sun, the family, friends, the city, the food... I guess that saudade is something very present in Lusitanian people :P
Arriving to Lisbon! :D
It was a short week, but enough to be with the family, Teddy and friends, going for some walks in my area and Lisbon, visiting my University... And eating!
How I missed my Piano, Jubilee!

To be continued...