Chapter V - Promenades

September was a very interesting month. Aside the facts of arriving, getting settled and getting to know the University, classes, etc - obviously - it was great to visit the town with my new acquaintances.
It is hard to maintain an accurate chronological order, so I'll just put some but nice pictures to show how beautiful and picturesque Rennes is.
Some of them are were taken on the anniversary of Yomaira ;)
Parc du Thabor, where we had a picnic :)
My very gourmet lunch - Ravioli with oregano cream and Caesar sauce salad, with my awesome 100ml Coke!
St. Anne, the historical centre - Yomaira's birthday. :)
La Mairie de Rennes.
And the Opera!

Chapter VI - Nightlife

There's constant Erasmus events troughout every week here in Rennes, and in the first weeks, they were basically to know the main places to go out at night and to meet new people from all over the world.
I'll do a quick list of the soirées that are always regular:

Mondays - Soirée Multi-Langues Langomatic
This is still an event that we normally attend. It's in a very nice Irish pub called O'Connells, where it normally starts at 21h and closes at 1h.
It was either on the 1st or 2nd time that we went there that we met 3 french-speaking guys, Nicolas aka Luke, a breton fellow (I started calling Luke because he r-e-a-l-l-y looks like Luke Skywalker, and that just sticked), Hamidou, from Senegal but he feels breton, as he usually say, and Benjamin, from Paris, with vietnamese origin. 
We exchanged contacts and they are our "french friends" that still go out with us!
The facebook image of the event
Tuesdays - El Cubanacan 
I think the name says it all; yes, indeed, it's a latin bar!
Each night, normally, has a theme, either music from a specific country, like Brasil or Mexico, or a dance style, like Salsa or Kizomba, or a music genre, like Reggaeton or, let's say, Latin Techno.
Hamidou loooves to dance, and to try a lot of styles, so this is just heaven for him. He's always dancing and trying to convince me to dance something, though I prefer to remain sitting down, observe and share a coke with him.
Yomaira, of course, knows many songs that are transmitted there, though she hates reggaeton (haha!). 
Found an image of the bar during the day, I didn't knew it was so tropical.
But voilà, you get the picture
Thursdays - The Crazy Day
There's no need to have a defined place to go. 
You go to St. Anne, for example, to the Rue St. Michel aka Rue de la Soif (Street of the Thirst), and you see legions of people, mostly students, totally drunk and doing some very stupid stuff (climbing poles, etc). It's sad.
But it's just to clarify that Thursday is the day to go out here in Rennes.

There are other 2 places, Le Espace and Le Pyms - two night clubs always with Erasmus parties on Fridays and Saturdays, with the measly entrance fee of 10 to 14€. I'll even camp outside to have the privilege of being the first guest *sarcarsm*!!!

And that's basically it. See you soon!