Chapter III - Highlights of the First Week

The week after the Mont St. Michel's trip was a calm one, just going in specific days to the University to whatever meetings and reunions they organized, including the main one in my department with the, let's say, reception teacher to the incoming foreigner students.
It was an interesting meeting indeed; there was only 2 students that came to the Music department in exchange - me and an american girl. 
After explaining each other's backgrounds and objectives - and let's say that I'll never quite understand the educational systems in America or somewhere else where you have a Major in Economy, and, as she said, "I like Music, therefore, I started a minor in that respective area, though I know nothing of it, unfortunately". I saw her in the first History class of Baroque music and I never saw her again. She must be very interested indeed *sigh*.

I really love the department here. It's the building O, called "Le Tambour", and it's only for cultural activites and the music area. Every single classroom has a piano or two, music boards, sound systems, etc; there are 4 or 5 studio rooms, each one with 2 or 3 pianos for students to practice, an auditorium for concerts and practical classes, and an Amphi for "big classes", like History. 
It's a lot different from my department in Portugal, but only in the infrastructure, space and number of students (in my year, it was a class of 30, here it's almost 60 in 2nd year, and the 1st years are like 80).
The program is very interesting, but much less varied than in Portugal. It's more practical, yes, but doesn't approach, by far, all the components that Musicology has to offer.
Still, it's very cool and I'm liking it very much. :)
The front entrance(s)

Chapter IV - The classes begin...

Since there's a big class of students in each year, the timetable of the lessons offer different schedules for each "smaller" class, like Analysis or Clavier (Piano), for instance, meaning the class is divided in smaller groups to make it easier to the professor to teach and accompany the students (and also for us). 
I always prefer classes in the morning, so that I can have the rest of the day to my affairs, homeworks, practice, leisure, etc., so I started my Monday morning with Clavier, and guess which music we had to play? Indeed, the 1st mouvement of the Moonlight Sonata - very queer, surely. Of course, there were 3 different versions, the original included, so that everybody was able to play. 
Needless is to say that it's one of my favourite classes, inasmuch as the subject is to play the piano. :D

I'm not going to talk about each class, so I'll just summarize by saying that it was a great first week of classes, very accessible teachers and good introductions to the subject of every lesson. 
The students, well, let's just say they're not welcoming at all. Having a foreign student it's the same as nothing. Which I find quite weird and sad, considering that this University is a worlwide destination of exchange students from all over the world. Oh well. 

To be continued...