Chapter IX - Normandy 

CIREFE is a center/program in the University that offers a French course to help foreign students to improve their knowledge in the language.
Being an exchange student, they offer the 1st semester for free, and they quite recommend it(!)
Putting aside 4h per week of boredom and despair, it's a great opportunity to go on field trips to specific locations for a very modest price and inside the learning environment.
As referred in the title, in the 3rd week of November, me and Yomaira went to Normandy for a weekend!
Therefore, here's a kind of a detailed plan of what we visited in this county. 

In the day before Saturday 16th, we got everything ready in my travel bag, more than enough for the two of us, and our backpacks with food for the day, cameras charged, paper and pen, you get the idea.
I've put the alarm for 7h, so that we would have time to have breakfast and all that.
For the 1st time in my life, the alarm either didn't sound, or I didn't defined it properly; all I know it was 8h and Yomaira was knocking on my door because she woke up by chance!
We had to be at the University before 9h (the departure was at that time), so we just got dressed and left, passing by Carrefour to take something to eat.
And of course, there was a problem registering the items that Yomaira bought, so we had to wait to get the money back, frustrations, stress, then it was 8h55, we were in the metro and there we arrived, with the bus already ready and the lady waiting for us.
No matter, we were on the bus with our pains au chocolat in a great sunny morning!

Day 1:
The first stop was Fougères, a little town with its main attraction, the Château de Fougères
I'm not going to enter in details, or I would never stop writing about it's position in the town, it's architectonic points, beauty, etc, because it's really awesome, beautiful and it's basically MEDIEVAL FTW! 
Here are some pictures of what you can see around the area:
Arriving to the town and the Château with all these Muggles blocking my paisagistic art... (Just kidding, of course...)
Fused with the rocky nature!
One of the main squares.
The bridge to the front gate.
The main entrance!
 We continued walking around the town, until we arrived to the 2nd and last attraction that the guide-teacher found important, the Église Saint-Sulpice de Fougères.
Here's two pictures, the outside and the inside:

Purely gothic, it's the dominant architectonic style in this county.
The main hall. 
We went back to the bus, now going to Villedieu-les-Poêles, also a small but very nice town (and also kind of creepy, considering there was nobody outside in a sunny day... Vampire alert???) where our destination was the Fonderie Cornille-Havard.
We stopped by in main square, near the Mairie, to have lunch and then we went to have a hot coco, taking into account the rendezvous was only at 14h, and it was 12h30. 
The Mairie, where the Vampire Mayor works or lives or who knows...
The main square where we sat down and had lunch.
And the observing hot coco (ridiculously tiny, but what can we do...)
And off we went to the Fonderie, where we saw a lot of bells of all shapes and sizes and their making process. This is the one that produced the bells of Notre-Dame of Paris!
I didn't take a lot of pictures in this one, so I'll just put here the main building:

La Fonderie de Cloches.
And back on the bus. 
Next stop: Bayeux, very pretty and gothic location, with its super attraction that resulted in the name of the ville: Tapisserie de Bayeux.
It was really awesome and enlightning being able to see almost 70m of a hand-embroided Tapestrie, and that essentially is a medieval comic book!
Photographs aren't permitted, but who cares, I need to visually remember this:

Not the best quality photo, but imagine another hall in the opposite-direction with the same or more lenght than in here.

Day 2:
This day was spent in Caen, where we visited (exterior only) the Abbaye-aux-Dames and Église Saint-Pierre, and explored the Mémorial de Caen

Here are some pictures of the first 2 monuments:
A part of the Abbey.
One of the entrances.
The Saint-Pierre Church.
We had lunch in the Caen's Memorial for Peace cafeteria, and then we had the audio-guide tour in the II World War exhibit.
I'm still amazed how some people didn't know some basic facts or terms in this important, yet terrible event in our History, I mean, come on, Blitzkrieg
Still, great museum, very well-exposed, the building itself is beautiful and it really transmits the concept of Peace.

The picture says it all.
The entrance to the Memorial!
And after all this cultural immersion in Normandie, we're off to good ol'Rennes!
Don't forget to check her blog!

To be continued...