No time for big posts (the horror!) So, as usual, here's another delightful, though tiny, sequence of some events since the last post...
Have a nice November :)
One of the last days of Praxe. :)
On the West Line...
An awesome surprise when walking between metro stations!
On the baptism process!
Waiting for Mozart's Requiem!
Arriving to this Comics Event - AmadoraBD!
Batman's 75th Anniversary!
A reading area of the event.
September! It means back to University and... freshmen!

Portugal has a great academical tradition that goes back for centuries.
It consists in receiving and welcoming the new students to the course and the University, to make them comfortable in the new environment and to promote friendship between themselves and the hosting students.
The term praxe, or, in latin, praxis, defines this tradition - an initiation process, which has codes and rules that are meant to be respected by all members participating in this.

In the first day of classes/praxes, the older students gather the freshmen to explain them this concept, some activites and the code, and to inform them that if anyone doesn't want to participate, they'll not going to be put apart, unlike what happens in many universities, they can very well assist and support, and if they have anything to report, wether they're bothered or any suggestion, they perfectly can talk and share that with any superior.
To sum up very quickly the steps of this ritual (in my Praxis Committee and in my year, there's always changes):
     1. First Praxe Day; 
     2. Other days scheduled for the praxe; 
     3. Baptism, where the Godmother and Godfather of the freshman (chosen by the student) dip (or wet...) his/her head in water and proclame the baptism vows; 
     4. Burial, the final step of the praxe process for the freshmen to surpass their state and to be able to perform praxes on the next ones, which normally is accompanied by the     Academical Tuna (like a University Band) that plays the Serenade; a process that consists in dropping some beer and grass onto their heads. On this step, the ones who desire are able to wear our academic outfit (visible in the posted photos and videos).
There's also group dinners before the 3rd and 4th step to, obviously, socialize and relax.

In my area of studies, Musicology, we normally are a small class: in my year, we were 30.
Now, due to governmental and financial reasons, our department can receive up to 45 - and guess what? Last year (in which I was absent due to my Erasmus period) and this year, 45 students aspirants to musicologists entered to my faculty, and they will make the praxe a lot more fun (and complicated to organize).
Integration is the key-word in the praxe.
There's a lot of activities, mainly consisted by humouristic games and funny situations to socially disinhibit the students and to have fun, basically. One or more should never abuse their praxis rights and reach a point of violence and/or humilliation towards the freshmen, something that often happens in several Universities, unfortunately.
However, and obviously, our Comittee is not like that, so, here's a sequence of videos and pictures to describe the main praxe days of the freshmen - caloiros, in portuguese.
And never forget: Dura Praxis, Sed Praxis.
Rounding up the freshmen to get them ready for the big praxis day... :)
A typical lunch, except they have to eat without any cutlery. So cool.
It's the big praxe day! 
The rehearsal of our great "Sexy Dance" performed by the caloiros, before they were "personalized" and some older students, Doctors (2nd year) and Veterans (3rd year).
And another one, related to kitchen utensils.
The caloiros updated!
Warming up our hymns - normally constituted by glory and sexual themes and swear words. It's praxe :)

All the freshmen ready for their sexy parade, where each of them has to go down the stairs and come back in their most sensual form/attitude. Due to an overload of sexyness by all the freshmen, I'll only post a picture of the winners.
The supreme couple of sexyness.
A great environment of friendly competition between the several courses of the University. 
Praxe means, as already mentioned, integration, and also fun, friendship and good memories.
After spending some days with Teddy around the places where I spent with my family - check Summerish Photo Cronology II! - here's another sequece of photos with some street art included in Caldas da Rainha!
A coffee and a chocolate salami after the 1st lunch in Caldas.
How awesome is that old lady?
On the road.
Revisiting the Monastery - this time, we took the tour!
The Circle of Life in D. Pedro's tomb, focusing on his love for D. Inês de Castro.
The coronation and blessing of the Ist King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques.
The Cloister of Silence.
The kitchen - a fireplace with a height of 18m!
One of the typical patterns and fabric of Alcobaça - chintz.
Dessert at the famous Alcôa - coffee, pastel de nata and cheesecake.
Love details I...
Love details II...
A main avenue in Caldas da Rainha...
The question is - who are the aliens? Us or they?
Tile details themed by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.
Details II...
A beautiful house/boutique.
A Master Roshi tile!
Details III...

Last day at the beach!
Final dinner - a chicken pizza/toast!
A darker half for him and a toppingless half for me.
Already back, but going to the Avante! Festival!

 Due to urgent family matters in Coimbra, a district in the Center/North of Portugal where most of my family lives (and also my 2nd favourite and most beautiful city after Lisbon), a weekend was spent there with my cousins, to deal with these matters and also to dally around the area.
Here's a more detailed sequence of pictures to illustrate some days during the week where my cousins were here on vacations before going to Coimbra during three days.
A small pond at a local park with a great terrace bar.
Finding this upon arriving to the Carcavelos beach...
Finishing the afternoon at the Conceição beach (I think) in Cascais...
At a restaurant in Coimbra sharing lunch with my cousin - Naco na Pedra.
Brunn's Coffee Diner - an awesome 50's american style restaurant.
Dinner - Chicken Caesar Salad.
And the dessert, a great Cheesecake with oatmeal crumbs.
Streets during the night at the City of Knowledge.
The storefront of a local portuguese vintage/arts and crafts boutique.
Going to a picnic at a great natural forest/park in Choupal.
Our great picnic area.
And a typical lunch with our one and only BBQ Chicken (Frango de Churrasco)
A countryside street during a festive season.
The Cabedelo beach in Figueira da Foz, where the sea is never easy for us.
Passing by the Montemor-o-Velho Castle.
Details II...
Details III...
The only photo I have from Sunday - going back home on the bus.